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What’s This Then?

Well, it’s a collection of my recipes. Old and new. Digitized for my own needs and published as sharing is caring – and care I do!

I used to cook for a living – many, many years ago. Now I enjoy cooking for my wife Esther and for our friends. And I also love eating – a lot!

As this whole ‘writing down recipes’ that I ended up creating and or cooking while I am in the kitchen never really did work for me I am trying this blog as I am much more likely to pull out my phone and hack it in.

The recipes you find here are from my early days of cooking, some are from my grandma Ilse, and others are the ones I am coming up with or recreate as I am going along. I will try to give credit to where it originally came from if I know / remember.

If you like a recipe please do let me know. And if you have a better version of it – please really let me know!

Happy Cooking!